Exclusive Drawing of Dobby by Giles Greenfield

Giles Greenfield is the illustrator who created the cover art for the Bloomsbury Edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He was supposed to create the cover art for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but didn’t finish it due to his daughter being diagnosed with a terminal genetic illness.

Anyway, Giles Greenfield keep writing and illustrating. Giles has hand drawn a watercolour directly into the book on the dedication page for a private collector. With you, the drawing of Harry Potter and Dobby in the Hogwarts Kitchen:

Exclusive Drawing of Dobby by Giles Greenfield

Exclusive Drawing of Dobby by Giles Greenfield


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3 Responses to Exclusive Drawing of Dobby by Giles Greenfield

  1. biq says:

    Excelente hallazgo !! !!
    Quien es Peter Rowling y Susan Sladden.
    Ridley era un amigo del padre, no?

  2. jodienut says:

    My daughter loves this book (and so do I!). She is in 6th grade, and in her 3rd year of flute playing. She is also a huge HP fan, of course. I have no idea what level she’s at, but the songs in this book are a bit challenging. She hasn’t learned some of the notes yet, so we penciled those in an octave lower. The songs are so beautiful that she’s really motivated to learn them. (I was afraid we’d only know one or two, but they’re all nice & mostly familiar.) Once she’s learned part of a song, it’s very challenging to speed it up to play with the CD. Very rewarding – practice time has been speeding by. And the rest of the family enjoys listening!

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