The Geek Can Paint: The Potter Project

Keith James (or Keith Johnson) is the artist behind a some artworks in the Hp-Lexicon. I contacted him because a project I’m working on, but he told me was working in his own Harry Potter project: The Potter Project. I saw it and I loved it. I can’t pass up the opportunity to write about this.

The idea is very simple: illustrate all the Harry Potter books, almost scene by scene. He has done the first book and he’s currenlty working on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The illustrations are amazing, incredible. I highly recommend to visit the website and spend a good time looking them because they are awesome!

When he completed the first book, he printed the whole book (although he couldn’t use the original text) with the illustrations, creating the first Harry Potter Illustrated Edition. Of course, this is not for sale and it’s not a trade book. He did it to send to Bloomsbury and Scholastic (publishing houses) and J.K. Rowling. Sadly, the publishing houses refused the idea of create an illustrated edition of Harry Potter Books, and Rowling’s office rejected the gift.

I really encourage to check the website and enjoy the illustrations. And also read the story about how he printed this rare Harry Potter book which looks amazing!

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I am a Harry Potter collector and I love to read about Harry Potter and the Harry Potter phenomenom. I also run @hpotterquotes at Twitter.
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