My new thoughts about PotterMore

When Pottermore was announced two months ago, I wrote an article about it with my thoughts. Now, having already tried it, I just have to do a “mea culpa”. Do I still think Pottermore is publicity stunt? Yeah, I do, but it’s amazing publicity stunt so I can’t complain.

I had the chance to try it in this beta version, being one of the first visitors. In fact, there were no comments or likes in Objects and Texts when I used it, so I am pretty sure there were not too many people experiencing it at the same time as me. Pottermore really is a great experience, re-reading the books in this new way make me feel as if I’m young again, when I read the books for the first time.

The promise about “You are the new factor in this story” is true. From making spells to resolve enigmas or catch a snitch; those are experiences we enjoyed along with Harry. But, surely, the best experiences are being sorted into a house or having your first wand.

Pottermore is Transmedia: a technique of telling stories across multiple formats. Pottermore is that, the same Harry Potter story, but in this new and incredible platform, which I really loved and I think is going to get better through time. However, what I most enjoyed were the new texts by J.K. Rowling, telling us new information about McGonagall, the Dursleys and even Professor Quirrell.

Even if Pottermore is publicity stunt to sell more books and keep the Harry Potter franchise alive (and I’m convinced it is), we really can’t complain. It’s an unique experience to re-enjoy and re-visit. I dare say that Pottermore is even a better company for the books than movies are. We see the books from this new point of view, shared by Rowling, with illustrations from her own imagination and new canon information which we must discover through our actions.

When I criticized Pottermore I didn’t know it was going to be like this. I apologize because this is a great experience for the Harry Potter fans, especially for the ones who love the books. Thanks to the Pottermore Team for letting us experience this through their amazing job.

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I am a Harry Potter collector and I love to read about Harry Potter and the Harry Potter phenomenom. I also run @hpotterquotes at Twitter.
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20 Responses to My new thoughts about PotterMore

  1. Please keep up with your updates on Potternore. We are following you in twitter.

  2. Ana says:

    Sorry for the last reply, I just read this haha.

    My name is Scarletmoonstone126, let’s be friends!

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  4. I can’t wait for my invite!

  5. quaffleRose43 says:

    Nice one πŸ™‚ , Add mee πŸ™‚ QuaffleRose43 I’m not activated yet I’m just waiting for my welcome email to Arive

  6. EchoHawthorn115 says:

    Still waiting for my welcome email although I cannot wait to experience this!

  7. septick says:

    Wow! I have the same wand as you – Dragon – Ash – 12 1/2 in (except for flexibility). I’m GoldSeer134.

  8. Honestly? Pottermore, the ultimate potter experience, the gift to the fans, receiving positive reviews?

    It’s the same thing (I won’t even give it the title of “story”) as before. But shorter. Less text, less everything. Nothing of value has been added except for the wand-info, McGonnagall, a little bit about Quirrell and the Dureslys (and possibly something more that I’ve already forgotten about). The rest is old. Very old. 13 years to be exact….
    And because of the incredibly dumb menu-system, that is ONLY linked to the chapters, even when through the “story”, finding all information is stupidly hard.

    You mention interaction. Funny. Those were some of the worst examples of interaction I have ever seen. That’s like calling space invaders a character-driven narrative.
    Sure you can click on the pictures, and sometimes shit happens, but most of the time the so called “interaction” is lower then the interactive level of a pop-up book.
    An while we’re there, “you being the new factor in the story” is utter bullshit.
    Sure, you can move your mouse, click on things, but that doesn’t mean anything. You are as much a “factor in the story” when you read the books. You read page one, page two, page three. Look back at page one and sees that you missed a word and now suddenly something on page three makes sense.
    Pottermore is like that. You look at picture A, read text A.A, then text A.B, and so on.
    (And resolving enigmas? Dear me… What have you been smoking? Or were you at a different site then the rest of us?)

    But at least the pictures are pretty to look at for a while, I admit that.

    But what bugs me the most about pottermore is the complete and utter absence of meta-content.
    When you’re through the so called “story”, that’s the end of it. Sure you can “brew potions” or “cast spells” (I find both to be incredibly dull, but I know that might be just me (pushing letters to cast spells, really?)), but there’s a limit to how long you can do that.
    Sure you can look at the pictures again, read the new information until it’s old. But then what?
    Beyond the text there’s nothing. Just an empty void of disappointment and a feeling to have been let down.
    I’ve been part of the HP-fandom for about 10 years, and among the people I’ve spoken to (a lot of them hardcore-fans), only one found pottermore to be better then okay or mediocre.
    On the other hand that person told me that her initial expectations were almost 0 since she found out that pottermore was a website.
    If a fan has to have no expectations to feel that “the gift” is good, then there’s something fundamentally wrong.

    TL;DR. Pottermore sucks. It has almost no redeeming qualities. It gets an E- because it added a few interesting pieces of information, but the rest was plain stupid. It’s almost as if they didn’t even try. Pottermore makes Twimore almost seem to be a completely legit site.
    Unless there’s an complete overhaul of the site in the future, this is one fan that will continue to be extremely disappointed.

    • I agree that is sucks. I know it’s just in beta version, but there are a lot problems. The server is constantly being overloaded. It’s kind of cumbersome to have to click on all the right things in order to advance through the “story.” If you don’t have just the right browser or internet speed, you forget about even doing the potions thing. It’s timed. I don’t see very little kids being able to use this site at all. If JKR wanted to get her notes and extra writings on HP subjects out, then why not just publish an encyclopedia? I don’t find the site enjoyable at all, just irritating. I won’t be going back.

    • allison fitch says:

      I TOTALLY agree. Pottermore totally sucks. it was a huge letdown after waiting so long. And you are right, there is very little to do. very little, esp. when you’ve already finished the first book thingie and THE SECOND BOOK ISN’T AVAILABLE YET…and I heard it won’t become available until NEXT YEAR!!! seems to me like the creators of pottermore just can’t get it together!

    • Cass says:

      Absolutely. It sucks. I joined yesterday, got Sorted and got a wand, and then the novelty wore off in a hurry. I hate the duels and the potions. I’m freakin’ 25 and I can’t get over 137 on my spells and my potions keep timing out or getting screwed up. I’m not a moron and I’m not computer illiterate. I don’t see how little kids (I’m assuming the site is geared towards them?) will be able to do it. I hate Pottermore. 😦 It’s boring and frustrating.

  9. Anne says:

    Pottermore sucks! There’s almost nothing fun to do. Potions are boring, duels don’t work, and wandering through the chapters of a book is dull, especially since only ONE book is available. I could have farted out a better site than this one!

  10. Michael says:

    By the time Pottermore is available to the general public, people will say who cares.

  11. Leia says:

    They’re extending the beta period too much. There’s a limit to people’s patience.

  12. lulu says:

    I am not a member of the Pottermore site but at first I was really excited about the way it sounded. But the site came out almost a YEAR AGO!!!!!! This “beta” period is WAY TOO LONG!!!!! And honestly, based on the things I have been hearing I won’t be visiting the site, ever

  13. Richard Brown says:

    I wonder , how much it will take Pottermore team , to publish COC !
    it is almost 7 months now , nd all that is only for a ” Beta period ” .. nd I suppose that the official ” Book 1 ” realese time will be longer , maybe 14 months !! . After all that , they will release a date for Book 2 , nd as usual , they will troll us , nd another 3-5 months will run away without something new.

  14. Terry says:

    Did the Pottermore staff pay you to update your opinions?
    Seems the only logical conclusion.

  15. Kat says:

    After trying it today, I think it sucks. The navigation is terrible and the fact that such horrible names are forced on everyone even if you aren’t a child annoys the crap out of me. The thing is quite a let down.

  16. laura says:

    Its just plain boring. There really is nothing to do once youve completed the first book. And the fact that its so “ultra child safe” makes it even more lame…
    Hate how the comments dont appear directly, and how you cant message anyone…

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