Unlocking Harry Potter – John Granger

Unlocking Harry PotterUnlocking Harry Potter
John Granger
Zossima Press, 2007
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John Granger, author of a lot of books about Harry Potter, he had the kindness to send us one of his books: “Unlocking Harry Potter: Five Keys or the Serious Reader”. Accros the five chapters -one per key- John takes us into differents topics and aspects about the Harry Potter’s books, that could be really interesting for a real reader and follower of the books and her author.

Across the analysis of the way of writing of Rowling – and also her answers in differents interviews- we could see how the author use differents literary resources, wich of them more often and in what great works extract and takes objects to create their own gender.
The book submits to a great analysis of the Harry Potter saga, to define if it’s belongs to de PostModern Literary, under differents concepts and with comparisons with anothers authors, including current movies. The symbolism is something that neither it’s left of side in the book.

However, we have to mark up a detail: the book was published before the seventh book, so it has theories and suppositions about the end of the saga. But this can’t obstruct the reading of a pleasant and different book about Harry Potter.

If you are from those that love to analyze more than the Harry Potter plot and investigate about their literary and artistic side, “Unlocking Harry Potter” from John Granger is the book that could be of your pleasure.


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